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Grey of Extropia

Name: Eoa Grey
Title: Scientist & Inventor
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Orphan
Spouse: Ydazamine Malari
Children: None
Mentor: Nortier Zigane
Race: Extropian
Abilities: Exceptional scientific knowledge, advanced technological augmentations, and prosthetics, exceptional healing and damage resistance, highly analytical and efficient problem-solving abilities, utilization of the Hyperstaff supercomputer peripheral.
Vital Stats:
Age: 721 Earth Years of Age
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Scientist
Birthplace: Extropia Homeworld
Gender: Unknown
Bio: Grey is a renowned scientist of the Extropian civilization, known for his nearly obsessive thinking and tinkering. He's a philisophical understudy of Nortier Zigane, one of the greatest and most infamous Extropian scientists in history that predates him by nearly 1000 years. He has become well-versed in various scientific disciplines and is considered one of the brightest minds to ever emerge from Extropian academia. He has replaced much of his body with nanite technology, allowing him to heal quickly from injuries and withstand damage. He relies heavily on technology to aid in problem-solving and utilizes the Hyperstaff, a nanite-constructed supercomputer peripheral, to access tactical probabilities and simulate solutions before executing them.