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Name: Khaos

Height: 6'2

Weight: 250 lbs

Skin Color: Dark Ashen Grey

Hair: Dark

Eyes: Glowing Orange
Backstory: Khaos is the daughter of the late Queen Vanora, a member of the royal bloodline, and a direct descendant of the first Entropic Lord, Zolakar "First Of Doom." She was raised by her father, Malak The Lord Of Entropy, and her grandparents, Drekron and Zavir, learning the ways of the Entropic warrior and how to harness her Entropic Force Energy (EFE) to boost her physical abilities and weapon skills. Khaos was gifted with "Void," one half of a twin pair of swords, at a young age. After completing the 7 Trials of Uldor, she proved her worthiness as a future leader of the Entropics and gained access to "Void."
  • Expert Swordswoman
  • Harnessing Entropic Force Energy (EFE)
  • EFE Projection
  • Enhanced Strength, Durability, and Reaction Time
"Void" is an unbreakable sword made of dark matter that can cut through anything when charged with EFE. Khaos can also project powerful EFE blasts through the sword. As a member of the Entropic royal bloodline, Khaos has superhuman strength, durability, and reaction time due to her denser cellular structure.