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Lord Entropy

Name: Malak
Title: High Lord Entropy, Ruler of the Entropic Empire
Parents: Overlord Memnon (Father, deceased) and Irkalla (Mother, deceased)
Siblings: Mudaar, Relik, Talak (deceased)
Spouse: Vanora (daughter of Drekron the Elder and Zavir)
Children: Khaos (daughter) Decayus (nephew)
Tutors: Drekron the Elder and Zavir (High Regent and High Priestess of the Order of Kinnar Re)
Race: Entropic
Abilities: Super strength, durability, ability to metabolize and control entropic force energy for destruction, wields weapon "Doom" (cosmic war mallet made of solidified dark matter capable of planetary decimation and projecting entropic force beams)
Vital Stats:
Age: Possibly 1000s of years old
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 550 lbs (without armor), 720 lbs (with armor)
Occupation: Hight Lord and Ruler Of The Entropic Empire
Birthplace: Necros Prime (destroyed)
Gender: Male
History: After the death of his parents and two elder brothers, Malak and his twin, Talak, were trained by Drekron the Elder and Zavir in combat, tactics, politics, and diplomacy. When they reached the age of ascension, they were to participate in a trial by combat to decide which of them would inherit the throne. However, Talak was swayed by the Nihilitan Cult and led an unsuccessful coup, resulting in his death by Malak's hand. Malak then married Vanora and adopted Decayus before executing the remaining members of the Nihilitan Cult. He now rules the Entropic Empire.