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Name: Zillith , Iylie-una-Amurah Ziliph
Affiliation: Aeonian Empire
  • Espionage
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • War tactics
  • Political maneuvering
Backstory: Zillith was born on the forest moon of Sulus 3 and belongs to the lowest caste in the Aeonian society. She suffered terrible persecution and saw her family killed. Driven by her anger and thirst for vengeance, she joined the "4th caste revolution" that toppled the ruling class. Her success in the war earned her a legendary status, which was used by Vespae Zabri to propel Zillith to the position of Empress Chief. Zillith is a skilled spy, fighter, strategist, and politician who rules her empire with an iron fist and a watchful eye. She commands fear and respect from both allies and enemies.